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What does everyone see when everyone is spying on everyone else?

Client: Games magazine


When placed in the grid, these panels will form four comic strips that cross where shown and spell four interlocking words.

Client: Nick magazine


Bat Attitude

Twenty-five bat outlines are hidden in this scene, starting with the weather vane. Colors by David Rudes.

Client: Disney Adventures magazine



Like a word search, but with pictures. Diagonally from the upper left corner, there’s CHICKEN POT PIE. And so on.

Client: Games magazine

Get the Picture

Famous movie posters in rough-sketch form.

Client: Spirit magazine (Southwest Airlines)


Project Architeuthis

Puzzability’s groundbreaking Project Architeuthis, a code-solving alternate reality game, was created to drive awareness of the U.S. Navy’s cryptology department. The immersive story played out in real time over multiple social media platforms and won a slew of awards, including a Cannes Lion, two Gold Effie Awards, the New York Festivals Award for Creative Effectiveness, and the Grand Prix Warc Prize for Social Strategy. Client: Campbell Ewald for the U.S. Navy. (Campbell Ewald assembled the video.)

To view the video with audio, click here.